About Us


Our Objective

    We started our business in 2004 with a passion and a mission, to improve the overall health of our clients and allow them to lead happier, healthier lives. Our objective is clear, we only want you to lose weight if you are improving your health, and you cannot do that by simply restricting calories!
    The biggest addiction in America is 'comfort addiction.' which encourages hopelessness. We motivate our clients to keep them accountable and explain that getting to ideal health cannot be achieved by simply drinking a shake or taking a pill.
    Often, diets can shed weight in the short term, but if you go on a diet, inevitably you are going to get off the diet and regain the weight.
    When you are on a 'diet', you feel like you are deprived, like you cannot have the foods that you want and it just doesn't feel very good.


    Instead of outright restriction, it makes more sense to gradually change habits. It takes a little while to get a habit established, but once it is established, you can maintain it without feeling badly and then maintain the weight loss that develops. If you get healthy, the weight is going to come down. The hardest part about getting on the road to success is surrendering the excuses and allowing yourself to be reconditioned. We can make that a reality!.

How We Do It

    We have all-inclusive training routines, designed by expert personal trainers, including nutrition plans and extracurricular workouts, followed up with accountability texting, phone calls or emails to guarantee success!

    FITT for Life is Christian small business and is actively involved in ministry, giving both time and finances to support the Childrens Home Society and the Defender Foundation. We have always been committed to service and enjoy helping others.